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Business Rewards: One Size Fits All
Earn rewards from Business Rewards, no matter what size your company is. Business Rewards
Small. Medium. Or Large.
Business Rewards helps you get the most from your business travel.
The choice for business travel...
It is clear why Copa Airlines and Copa Airlines Colombia are the preferred choice for business travelers—the MileagePlus frequent flyer program, industry leading on-time departure/arrival and high customer satisfaction levels.
...just got more rewarding.
Now with Business Rewards, the program created especially for businesses, it's more rewarding. The program is FREE and designed to reward companies for business travel on Copa Airlines and Copa Airlines Colombia. When your company’s registered employees choose Copa Airlines or Copa Airlines Colombia for business travel, your company will earn points in the Business Rewards program. Business Rewards lets you choose the awards you’d like to earn and use them any way you’d like – incentives, gifts, or company travel.
For business travel*, your company will earn:
One point for every $1,000 USD spent for travel to/from Panama City, Panama
Two points for every $1,000 USD spent for travel to/from all other cities
Two points for every $2,000,000 COP 1 $1,000 USD spent for travel intra Colombia
1 The conversion to the local currency will depend on the rate of the accumulation date.
Business Rewards Eligibility
To qualify for this FREE business program your company must:
Have at least 5 employees
Not have or be subject to a Corporate Travel Agreement with Copa Airlines or Copa Airlines Colombia
We'll Handle the Rest
We’ll take care of everything, including tracking your company’s expenditures and earned points. Every month, we will send you an e-mail to let you know when you will be able to view your current statements and points balance online.
Enrollment only takes a few minutes.
Select the option "Enroll Online". Make sure you have a list of your employees who travel on business and their MileagePlus numbers handy.
Access your account anytime online.
Once enrolled, select "My Business Rewards Account" option, log in using your account number and Password to:
Manage travelers: Update your registered business traveler list anytime.
Change Password: Your account security is very important and along with your account number, your Password is the key to your Business Rewards account. You may change your Password directly online.
Edit account profile: Change your company profile information anytime such as company contact name, address information, e-mail address, phone number, etc.
Redeem your Business Rewards points online: Once you have enough points to qualify for a reward you may redeem your points online with your account number and password.
* Applies to non-discounted fares booked in C, D, Y, B, M, H, Q, K, V, U, S, W, E, L, T, N class of service only. See the Program Terms and Conditions for more information.